Concept of happiness


Many resources of today's society dominated of culture of consumption are devoted to persuading us that gratification of our desires is a road to happiness.
But I'm sure happiness doesn't grow from material possessions ...
All of us fantasized about winning a big prize in a lottery, dreaming about what we would do with the money but rarely think about what money may do to us.
Very often winning a fortune brings more problems than it solves.
The lucky people go on a spending spree and fretter away money on fancy foreign cars, marble swimming pools, wallowing in champagne and very soon he stays penniless and alone earning money for groceries.
Happiness is not a result of action or achievements.
It rather grows from within.
But we burry it under the feelings of anger, hatred and agitation.
The only problem before the majority of people is to secure a decent living, well-provide with desired comfort.
In other words the object of life for them is only to achieve the greatest possible comfort.
If they are able to achieve it, they are happy, and their life is a success, otherwise not.
But many people have reached world wide wealth, though their problems in life still remain unsolved.
We can't make a wrong choice in our life, since we all follow our own road gathering our own experiences.
We should not blame anybody of our choice, because we are the only people responsible for it.
I'm sure that the goal in life must be the highest otherwise progress is doubtful.

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