Many people have hobbies. I have a hobby too. I'm interested in photography.
My passion began five years ago.
I saved $ 30 on dinners and bought my first 3 megapixel camera.
Everyone laughed at me because camera was not modern and large.
But it was my own, and I don't need lend it from other.
Hobby takes me more and more. My cameras became more modern.
In July of last year, my girlfriend started to shooting to old film camera Zenit.
Then I decided that I'm interested in the film, not digital photography.
It somehow happened, that I started collecting film cameras.
Now I have 7 film and 2 digital cameras.
I often take photos on film rather than a digital camera.
Often I'm thinking why I like to shoot on film, but I cannot find an answer.
Me and my girlfriend like film processing at home and print photos the way that printed our fathers.
I thank God for what he gave us a photo, with which we can preserve the moments of our past for our future.
The process of photographing - the act of creation.
Some people like my pictures, someone - not, but the main thing why I do it - I like it.
While I photographing, I gain harmony with itself.
In my backpack is always camera. I can walk with him for a week, looking for only one an unusual shot.
Also, I do not believe in photographers who has never felt the excitement, when in a dark room with red light in the tray appears a shape of the future photo.
I always give photos to the people I photographed.
It takes many years, and maybe my pictures will remind people about the eccentric, which in the XXI century shot them on a film.
My photo is part of me. With their help, I will live until then, until my last shot will disappear.