I recently re-watched the film
“La belle Verte”. The film contrasts the two societies: ideal and the modern society.
On the one planet people are happy, we live on the second.

An ideal society lives in
harmony with nature in well-being and happiness. Modern society lives as lives.
Nature gives us everything for our wealth, but instead gratitude, we are doing to
her only injury. Not better situation with the attitude of people around us. We
must learn to consume less unnecessary things.

In the grotesque form shows
how we should live to be happy. The film discusses the simple truth that
everyone understands, but don’t want to follow them. Therefore, we should say them
again and again. We can’t make the world better, but we can become better. Just
look around and smile to persons around you.

We should not idealize the
characters in the film, but must to revise our views on life in accordance with
what we saw. We must strive for simplicity. Only the love to the world brings
us closer to happiness. We must to be closer to each other.