Red represents creativity, energy, power.

Good for
treating anemia and other blood-relating condition, can make you feel warmer,
reducing pain that comes from cold.

Excess of red
can make a person aggressive. It’s not recommended to people who have heart

Orange- like red, energizing colour, but it has a gentle
warming effect.

Useful for
people with gallstones, digestive diseases, chest and kidney diseases,
arthritis. It helps to lift the spiritual level of people who are depressed or

Too much orange
can leave to agitation.

Green represents balance, harmony and hope.

It’s good for
people with heart problems, stimulates growth and therefore helps to heal
broken bones, is useful in tissue regeneration.

Indigo stimulates the intellect, gives the sense of courage
and inner calmness.

It helps to diseases of veins, nervous system,

Too much indigo
makes a person feel sleepy and may cause a headache.

Violet has strong links with creativity.

It’s good for
people who are emotionally agitated, helps compulsive eaters to control the

It’s not advised
to clinically depressed people.