v Among
the most popular AM methods today are Reiki, acupuncture, acupressure,
reflexology, T’ai Chi, Dr. Shulze program and others.


v Reiki
is a Japanese word, which means universal life energy.

v It
is a practice of healing not only body, but also mind and spirit, thus
returning a person into the state of harmony.

v Reiki
masters activate the body’s natural ability to heal itself by placing the hanrs
on the patient’s body.


v It’s
a traditional method of healing in China.

v There
are more than 60 million specialists only in China now.

v It
had been the subject of clinical trials, which proved its effectiveness.

v It
is based on the system of meridians, which are energy channels.

v There
are total 35 meridians in a human body, on which accupoints are found.

v They
are the reservoirs of energy.

v Each
meridian is connected in the certain organ.

v It
is probably one of the best-established alternative methods of treatment, now
offered by many doctors abroad.

Shia Tsu

v It
is similar to acupuncture, but without needles.

v It
is applied to particular points of arms, feet and palms.

v By
reflex action this pressure stimulates energy flow to particular organ or

T’ai Chi

v The
aim is to develop muscular control and grace.

v Slow
flowing movements help to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

v They
can be applied in the form of healing and self-defense.

v The
attention is payed to performing the movements on relaxation and balance, but
not on stress or exertion.