Schulze: natural way of healing

He himself has been suffering
from the severe heart deformity since 16. The doctor promised that he would be
dead by the age of 21 if he hadn’t any surgical correction.

He addressed to the doctor and
he asks if anything else could help him apart from except open heath surgery. No
food, no exercise can change his state, no way without surgery.

Soon he met Buddhist monk and he advised him to not to eat red meat. He ate only dairy products, fruits and

He lost his weight. He stated to be panicked. But at the same time his stayed
dramatically improved.

Somebody told that he needed exercises to clean elimination channels,
emotion healing, because nobody has healthy heart who has hateful thoughts. If
you want to be healthy you must learn how to give love and how to receive love.

In 3 years he came to the hospital he had stress tests and his heart
was perfect. «It was a miracle»
- doctors said. «It was not a miracle, I worked hard,
did exercises, took herbs».

Schulze: program from incurable diseases.

“There are no incurable
diseases, no matter what your doctor tell you”.

When doctor say that nothing
can be done it only means nothing can be done that modern medicine knows.

cleaning the colon

The first most important to
clean elimination channels and the boul is the best place of start.

To cleanse it high fiber diet
is recommended including grains, fruits and vegetables.

Cleansing the liver

Livers in the majority of
people are fat, large and degenerated so everyone needs to clean it.

We should follow and intense
cleansing program, that includes enough drinks, exercises, emotions, changing
the diet and changing the attitude of life.

The exercise

Dr. Schulze is sure if a person
eats good food, drink pure water, it is these won’t help him much if he doesn’t
more, as it stimulates blood circulation.

He makes them to move today
more than yesterday, as it helps to detoxify the blood.

Hot and cold

Dr. Schulze is a great fan of
hot and cold therapy, because it is the fastest way to relieve pain and it also
stimulates the blood circulation.

Dr. Schulze recommends 6-7
changes of hot and cold 15 seconds each, 2 or 3 times a day.

He consider that it’s the best
way to detoxify the body, but it is a big dramatic, because a person must be
brave to do this.

You need to massage the sick
parts of your body (to touch them and send them love). It also stimulates blood

The Emotional

If a person does everything
above mentions, but he doesn’t correct his emotional problems, it doesn’t work.
It works only in complex.

The diseases are successfully
treated only in case we consider a unity of body, mind and spirit.

At least it’s useful to start
the day exclaiming “It’s great to be alive”.

Dr. Schulze acts not as a
healer, but as an educator.